Spring/Fall Cleaning

Get your yard ready for summer or packed up for winter with a spring or fall clean up. These programs are designed to give your landscape a healthy head start each spring!

Spring Clean Up Services Available:

  • Removal of debris from planting beds, ground cover, turf areas.
  • Removal of winter protection from shrubs & trees.
  • Raking of turf areas, as needed.
  • Edging of planting beds.
  • Fertilization of plant material.
  • Pruning to remove dead and diseased limbs, correcting size and shape.
  • Application of pre-emergent weed control to minimize future weed growth.
  • Re-mulching of planting beds.

Fall Clean Up Services Available:

  • Removal of leaf debris.
  • Cut back perennials.
  • Re-prune shrubs.
  • Transplant/propagate perennials.
  • Install tree wrap on young trees for winter protection.
  • Install hardware cloth around shrubs & trees susceptible to winter damage from voles & deer.
  • Install evergreen boughs over tender ground cover to protect.
  • Water evergreens for winter lifecycle.
  • Drain and store hoses.
  • Empty and/or store annual containers, garden art, etc.

To get started or schedule a consultation of your property give us a call at (920) 667-4757.